Film location

Getting to know locations and criteria for their selection

Lola runs through different areas of Berlin. With a city map you can follow some of the stops on her way.

Lola's flat Albrechtstraße 13/14
Mitte district
Corner where Lola bumps into a woman with a pram Old garrison cemetery: Linienstraße at the corner of Gormannstraße
Mitte district
Bridge Oberbaumbrücke
linking the districts of Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg
Deutsche Transfer Bank Behrenstraße 37
Mitte district
Phone box and the "Bolle" supermarket Crossing Osnabrücker Straße/Tauroggener Straße
Charlottenburg district

A film location is, as the name suggests, the place where part of the film is shot. Locations are divided into original locations, i.e. places that actually exist such as streets and buildings, or film sets, that were built especially for a film shoot.

Task 1

  1. On the city map there are five places marked that Lola passes in the first and second run. Find out which pin belongs to which place. Number the pins in the order that Lola passes them in the first two runs by dragging the numbers onto the pins.
  2. Use the pencil to draw the shortest paths that Lola could have taken from point to point.
    Tip: Tap the pen and work on this task in full screen mode .
  3. Research at least one other place that Lola passes. Add the blue pin and label it with a note card. Has Lola's route been extended or has it remained the same?

Draw a path
Note card

OpenStreetMap - Published under ODbL

  1. Estimate the distance that Lola would have had to travel if she had visited all the points marked with pins on the map. Lola has 20 minutes to get money and get to Manni. The fastest marathon runners cover a distance of about 7 kilometres in 20 minutes. Can the route be completed in this time?

Task 2

  1. In the workspace you will find six typical locations in Lola's Berlin. Generate note cards and write down what the locations make you think of or how they make you feel. You can also circle picture elements that stand out for you.

  1. Describe your reactions to the ways in which Berlin is presented in the film. Give reasons as to why you think the director might have chosen these locations.
  2. Get an idea of what the filming locations look like today by doing research. Discuss whether the film would have a different effect if it were filmed at the same locations today.