Film music

Understanding and analysing film music as a content-related and functional connection between image and music

Almost everywhere in Run Lola Run we hear music. On this page you can listen to two different pieces of music and the silence between them.

Film music is the music that accompanies the images of a film. It can be created from already existing musical works or composed especially for the film (the film score). A characteristic feature of film music is the connection between the image that we see and the music, in terms of content and function – the music should support the mood and feeling of what we are seeing.

Task 1

  1. In the final scene of the first run, after the rhythm and blues song What A Diff’rence A Day Makes by Dinah Washington from 1959 (Original text María Grever, English translation Stanley Adams), we hear briefly only the sound of the gunshot and then quietly the beginning of the orchestral work The Unanswered Question, Symphonie No. 2 by Charles Ives. What do you feel when you listen to the film music and the atmospheric sound?

TC: 00:28:08 – 00:29:06

TC: 00:29:06 – 00:29:20

TC: 00:29:20 – 00:30:21

  1. Listen carefully to the lyrics of the song "What A Diff'rence A Day Makes" by Dinah Washington (if necessary, you can research the full lyrics using a search engine). Explain how you think the lyrics of the song "What A Diff’rence A Day Makes" relate to the final scene of Lola's first run.

Task 2

  1. Try out different ways of using music to create moods and feelings by underlaying the scenes with different music. To do this, start one of the video extracts and then play one of the five given audio tracks simultaneously. Number 6 allows you to insert and run your own audio file from your device.


  1. Describe how the different types of music affect your understanding of the final scene of the first run. Do the different types of music influence your expectation as to whether this run will have a happy, unhappy or neutral ending?